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Tiny House
Emergency Shelter

Our Tiny House Emergency Shelters are designed just as a shelter. One room with no running water and a small amount of electricity for lights and to charge phones. Steel reinforced front door with deadbolt locks.


There are Customizable options as needed. Different climates require different insulation or maybe a different pitch of the roof to keep off snow from collecting. Heating or Cooling, solar or grid, whatever the situation may be, we can customize the shelter to fit your needs.

Shelters can be built in any size. example - 6x8, 8x8, 10x10 etc.

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Full Size Tiny House

Full Size Tiny House's are mostly self contained. They generally come with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living space, laundry etc. and are equipped with plumbing and electricity, heating and air conditioning. These also have customizable options as needed.

Full Size Tiny House's are more of a permanent Tiny House or Affordable Tiny House Living Situation. These houses have more options and are built for the longer haul. They are more meant to be a permanent solution vs the quick temporary/semi temporary Emergency Shelter. They can be placed alone on a piece of land, or collectively on land in a community built for tiny houses.


Priority of Housing

Unfortunately the demand for shelter is very high and definitely greater than we can provide for, so the priority of housing goes to those who have the space to place a tiny house first. There are many challenges we face, but Space is the hardest one. We have limited resources so we must chose the applicants that have a place to put a tiny house first.


This could be on land you own or have permission to place a tiny house on, church property, private property, a tiny house built community, VA land, government approved space etc.


We are working hard every day to increase our supply as the demand is very great. If you have the land or space to provide for a tiny house or house's to be placed, please contact us!



Tiny house shelters are an immediate bridge between the gutters and housing that is more permanent and is vital to the humane treatment and survival of the human beings in our communities who have lost their place of residence. When conventional means continue to fail and loss of life is the result, “out of the box” thinking and solutions are required in order to succeed. Our Mission is to:


  • Build tiny house communities, providing temporary shelters with all necessary amenities for human and societal needs (e.g. bathrooms, showers, laundry, kitchen, community center, gardens, etc.)

  • Provide a stable location for outreach teams and case managers to find their clients when needed to continue their services as well as, connect residents with new services that require a stable location.

  • Create a new city employment resource, providing jobs and training for the houseless, self-purpose and engage a work force of ambassadors to relieve pressure from many understaffed city departments and personnel.


Tiny Houses are cheap and effective. They are also simple and easy to build which makes them a no brainer for creating an emergency shelter.


The REALITY of it all is that Tiny Houses are both a temporary and permanent solution to the Houseless crisis. In fact, housing houseless people in tiny homes isn't going to change any of the current programs or needs that exist. What it DOES do is change how we treat human beings, and while we wait for other affordable housing to be built and housing to become available, we collectively decide not to let people suffer and die on our streets, but instead to have a place to go to be safe until then. We MUST create solutions for ALL levels of our society, or it will certainly crumble.


By Elvis Summers - Tiny House Project

About the Founder

 I can't wait to have public builds and teach people how to build tiny houses. I've taught as young as 4 years old and as old as 86 to build tiny houses. ANYONE can learn!



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