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The Next Build!

Our next house is going to be a Big Tiny House! The trailer shown above will be an 8.5ft x 20ft Tiny House with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a loft!
Materials to build this Big Tiny Beautiful House are being ordered now. We only have enough funds to get started, So Any Support you can GIVE is Greatly APPRECIATED!! 

Pictures and media will be coming soon! Follow us on our journey!



Tiny house shelters are an immediate bridge between the gutters and housing that is more permanent and is vital to the humane treatment and survival of the human beings in our communities who have lost their place of residence. When conventional means continue to fail and loss of life is the result, “out of the box” thinking and solutions are required in order to succeed.


  • Build tiny house communities, providing temporary shelters with all necessary amenities for human and societal needs (e.g. bathrooms, showers, laundry, kitchen, community center, gardens, etc.)

  • Provide a stable location for outreach teams and case managers to find their clients when needed to continue their services as well as, connect residents with new services that require a stable location.

  • Create a new city employment resource, providing jobs and training for the houseless, self-purpose and engage a work force of ambassadors to relieve pressure from many understaffed city departments and personnel.


Tiny Houses are cheap and effective. They are also simple and easy to build which makes them a no brainer for creating an emergency shelter.


The real of it all is that tiny houses are NOT a permanent solution to "fix" the Houseless situation. In fact, housing houseless people in tiny homes isn't going to change any of the current programs or needs that exist. What it DOES do is change how we treat human beings, and while we wait for affordable housing to be built and permanent housing to become available, we collectively decide not to let people suffer and die on our streets, but instead to have a place to go to be safe until then.


By Elvis Summers - Tiny House Project

About the Founder

 I can't wait to have public builds and teach people how to build tiny houses. I've taught as young as 4 years old and as old as 86 to build tiny houses. ANYONE can learn!



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