We've partnered with Tiltify to help us with fundraising. They make it simple, easy, and fun to get involved with your favorite causes. 


Here's how it works:


Go to the Tiny House Project's Tiltify page and click to start a fundraiser. 


Follow the prompts setting up your fundraiser.


Ask your friends to throw in a few bucks! That's it!


This helps our cause in a big way, because it's much easier to raise a few hundred bucks than it is to raise a few hundred thousand dollars, for sure. So, the more people we can ask to raise a few hundred bucks, the easier it will be to reach our goals. This will help us get the gear we need to continue our work!


What is TILTIFY?

Many platforms are made for fundraising but only Tiltify was made for fundraisers.

Tiltify is a full service fundraising platform that was made for the socially concious generation.

A new generation of activists, fundraisers, and donors are using social channels like never before to raise funds.

Do YOU have a few friends?

Do you have a few friends who you think would help support the cause?


People don't always have a few bucks to spare, so instead of making a donation yourself, why not ask a few of your friends to help! Fundraising for a good cause can be easy and gratifying when you have help.